If we deliver your parcels, you can…

  1. send several parcels to the same address for one freightage.
  2. post your consignments from 1 kg to 500 kgs  anywhere in Hungary within 24 hours.
  3. request package delivery from outward location.
  4. We resolve the delivery of your parcels that are manageable with difficulty.

Why are we special?

  • We handle consignments from the envelope to the pallet.
  • We can pick-up your packages beyond working hours.
  • You can ask for Saturday delivery.1
  • API connection is available.
  • Manual sorting for your delicate consignments in our warehouse.
  • Our personal customer service can be reached in 30 seconds.

20 years of experience

24 warehouses

252 trucks

2,2 millions of parcels a year

What are we delivering?

Parcel delivery from 1 kg to 500 kgs

Delivery service 

Car parts and tyre

Car-body elements, profiles, tyres.

Household appliances

Refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, dryer

Plumbing equipments

Bathtub, bath equipments that can be delivered with difficulties

Several parcels 

Consignments to the same address including several parcels


Cupboard, table, chest of drawers, hat-and-coat rack

Structureless products

Structureless, large consignments

Sports equipments

Bicycle, ping-pong table 

Pallet delivery

Maximum 500 kgs pallet with cash on delivery


Wine and other fragile products

Building equipments

Tools and equipments

What product do you have?

Contaact us!

Horticultural eyuipments

Gardening tools and equipments, large pots, garden furniture

Toys, books and gifts

DIY machines and equipments

DIY machines and hand tools

Nuitritional supplements

Food supplements and other healthy products

Delivery for webshops


Air conditioners

Air conditioning equipments

Electronic equipments

Consumer electronics, sound systems and other electronic devices

webshops and individuals

small and
medium sized enterprises

large enterprises

Complementary services

API connection with your webshop

Cash on delivery

Documents returning back

Handling fragile products



Delivering returned items

Pick-pack point



Contact information

24H Parcel Zrt.
1106 Budapest, Fehér út 10.

Réka Budaházy 
General Manager
Tel.: +36 20 926 24 24
Email cím: budahazy.reka@24hfutar.hu

GPS coordinates:
47°30’02.0″N 19°08’29.6″E